The 70s produced many timeless menswear classics that remain stylish today and are worth investing in. From floral prints and velvet fabrics to denim everything and statement accessories, here is your guide to the essential 70s fashion pieces every stylish man needs. Whether you’re looking to fully commit to 70s style or simply want to experiment with a few statement pieces, these timeless and versatile items will ensure you’re stepping out in retro-inspired fashion at its finest.

The Key Trends in Men’s Fashion During the 1970s

To achieve the iconic 70s look, certain fashion essentials were key for men.



No 70s wardrobe was complete without a pair of bell-bottom jeans or pants. In addition to hip-hugging denim and loose-fitting corduroy, these flared bottoms were a fashion staple of the day. Bell-bottoms allowed for freedom of movement and expression.

Paisley and Florals

Vibrant prints were hugely popular, especially paisley patterns and floral motifs. Paisley neckties, button-down shirts, and tees were staples. For a bolder look, a floral print suit or sport coat made a statement. These ornate prints captured the experimental and individualistic spirit of the 70s.

Platform Shoes

Elevating fashion and literally elevating height, platform shoes were a defining 70s trend for men and women. From sandals to boots, platforms added 3 inches or more in height. While less practical, platforms were a symbol of 70s masculinity and sexuality.

Long and Loose

A relaxed, laid-back silhouette dominated menswear. Oversized cuts, drop-crotch pants, tunic tops, and loose button-down shirts were preferred over tailored pieces. Knit tops, sweaters, and cardigans in natural fibers were also popular for a casual yet stylish look. Ultra-slim cuts did not resonate with the easygoing 70s fashion sensibility.

Following these fashion essentials will ensure an authentic 70s inspired look. The 70s man embraced daring styles, loud prints, and a free-flowing silhouette, all of which represented ideals of openness, experimentation and independence.

Must-Have Pieces for Channelling 70s Style


To achieve an authentic 70s look, certain wardrobe staples are essential.

Flares and Bell Bottoms

No 70s-inspired outfit is complete without a pair of flared or bell bottom jeans. Flares start wider from the knee down, while bell bottoms have an exaggerated flare from the thigh. These pants were a counterculture symbol of the era’s anti-establishment views.

Paisley Shirts

Paisley prints were hugely popular in the 70s, used for everything from jackets to dresses. For men, a paisley shirt with an open collar and billowing sleeves captures the era’s bohemian spirit. Look for earthy tones like olive, maroon, and mustard.

Leather Jackets

A fitted leather jacket, often in shades of brown, was de rigueur for the fashion-conscious 70s man. Popular styles included bomber, moto, and suede jackets. For extra authenticity, look for details like fringe, shearling trim, or embroidery.

Platform Shoes

No 70s look is complete without a pair of platform shoes, like sandals, Oxfords, or loafers. Platforms added 3 inches or more of height and were worn by men of all styles, from disco dancers to business executives. For the most iconic look, choose a style with thick cork soles and leather uppers.

With the right combination of flares, paisley prints, leather jackets and platform shoes, you’ll be instantly transported to the era of disco and funk. The 70s are calling – will you answer?

How to Wear 70s Inspired Outfits Today

To incorporate 70s inspired fashion into your wardrobe today, focus on key pieces that epitomize the era while keeping your look contemporary.

Invest in Versatile Staples

Think about adaptable basics like button-down shirts, t-shirts, and jackets in earthy 70s hues like burnt orange, mustard yellow, and forest green. Pair them with dark wash jeans or corduroy pants. Look for natural, textured fabrics like cotton, denim, and suede.

For a casual daytime look, throw on a t-shirt or open button-down over jeans. In the evening, layer a jacket over an untucked button-down or turtleneck. These foundational pieces in 70s-inspired colors and fabrics can anchor a variety of stylish outfits.

Accessorize Thoughtfully

Complete your outfit with accessories that nod to 70s fashion without appearing costumey. A leather belt, newsboy cap, patterned scarf, or tinted aviator sunglasses make subtle statements. For footwear, consider suede boots, loafers, or canvas sneakers.

With restrained accessorizing and versatile foundational pieces in natural tones and textures, you can craft looks inspired by 70s fashion that still feel contemporary and stylish today. Keep things minimal and let the colors and fabrics speak for themselves.


The 70s celebrated individuality, vibrancy, and a carefree spirit that we could all use a little more of today. So grow out those sideburns, put on your favorite 70s playlist, and embrace the groovy fashion that defined an unforgettable era.