You know how it goes. You’re browsing at the jewelry store, you’re trying on gold rings, debating the intricacies of yellow or rose gold, and figuring out your ring size. They’re stunning, timeless, and always in style. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece to complete your look or a simple band to wear every day, gold rings have you covered. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the latest styles and trends in gold rings, from dainty and delicate to bold and dramatic. By the end, you’ll be dazzled by all the options and ready to find a gold ring that makes you shine.

Gold Rings Style Through the Ages

Gold Ring Styles Through the Ages

Gold rings have been symbols of commitment and status for centuries.

In ancient Egypt, gold bands were given as gifts to show devotion. These simple bands eventually evolved into more intricate designs with religious symbols and gemstones.

During the Roman era, gold rings became popular among the wealthy as a display of affluence and power. Senators and dignitaries wore large gem-encrusted rings as a symbol of rank.

In the Middle Ages, gold rings were exchanged as part of betrothal and wedding ceremonies in Europe. Religious symbols like crosses and blessings were commonly engraved on the rings.

The Victorian age saw intricate gold rings featuring detailed engravings, filigree, and clusters of gemstones like rubies, emeralds and sapphires. Sentimental sayings and symbols were also popular.

Today, gold bands range from minimalist to ornate in style. A simple 22-karat gold band is a timeless choice and suits all occasions. For a grander look, opt for a ring with gemstones like citrine or amethyst, or one with an etched pattern. Stackable gold rings that you can layer and mix and match are also on-trend.

Popular Gold Rings Setting and Designs

Popular Gold Ring Settings and Designs

Popular Settings

The most common gold ring settings are pave, channel, and prong. Pave settings have tiny diamonds set close together for maximum sparkle. Channel settings have diamonds set in a metal channel for a sleek look. Prong settings use metal claws to hold diamonds in place, allowing more light to shine through.

For a vintage feel, consider a filigree or engraving design with intricate patterns etched into the gold. Milgrain edging, a beaded design along the band, adds subtle texture and dimension.

Stylish Designs

Stackable gold rings let you create your own look by mixing and matching bands. Or go for a statement ring like a domed cocktail ring encrusted in gems. For a nod to nature, choose a leaf or vine motif. Knot rings, which weave bands together, and infinity rings, with intertwining bands, are sentimental favorites.

With so many stunning settings and designs, you’re sure to find a gold ring that suits your unique style and makes a dazzling statement. Whether buying for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, gold rings are timeless pieces to treasure for years to come.

Current Gold Ring Trends and What to Look for in 2023

Current Gold Ring Trends and What to Look for in 2023

Mixed Metals

Combining gold with rose gold, platinum or sterling silver accents is popular for an eclectic, stylish look. A gold band with sterling silver or platinum inlays or wraps is eye-catching and unique. Mixing yellow and rose gold for a two-tone effect is also on-trend.

Gemstone Accents

gold rings

Small gemstones like diamonds, rubies or sapphires artfully accenting a gold band add a touch of color and sparkle. Cluster settings that group several small gems together or channel settings that insert the stones into the band are stylish options to consider.

Intricate Detailing

Look for gold rings with milgrain edging, filigree patterns, engraving or hammered detailing for an artisanal appearance. Braided bands with woven strands of gold are also popular. These intricately designed rings have a handcrafted, heirloom feel.

Stackable Bands

Thin gold bands meant to be stacked together in multiples are a trend that offers versatility and a luxe layered look. Mix and match different widths, from 2mm up to 5mm, and different gold purities like 10K, 14K and 18K yellow gold for a custom stacked set.


Gold rings make a timeless gift and a cherished heirloom, so take your time exploring different styles before you make that special purchase. And remember, while trends come and go, true beauty lasts forever. A high-quality gold ring is an investment you’ll enjoy for years to come. Treat yourself or a loved one to a dazzling gold ring you deserve to sparkle!