You are scrolling through TikTok, as you do, watching dance challenges, comedy skits, and life hacks flash by. But mixed in are the latest fashion trends taking over the platform. TikTok has become a hotbed of style inspiration, with new looks going viral seemingly every day. If you want to be ahead of the curve and rocking the coolest clothes before anyone else, check out these 2023 fashion trends that are already blowing up on TikTok. From y2k-inspired cargo pants to the latest iterations of athleisure, here’s your first look at the styles that will soon be taking over your For You page and then your closet. Get ready, because 2023 is shaping up to be an exciting year for fashion.

The Biggest Fashion Trends Blowing Up on TikTok This Year

The biggest fashion trends blowing up on TikTok this year are all about expressing yourself and embracing what makes you, you.

Vibrant Colors

Bright oranges, neon greens, and vivid pinks – TikTok is all about embracing bold and vibrant colors this year. Don’t be afraid to make a statement with brightly colored clothing, accessories, makeup or hair. Stand out and be seen!

Y2K Fashion

The late 90’s and early 2000’s are back in style. Crop tops, cargo pants, chokers, and bucket hats are hugely popular throwback trends on TikTok right now. Raid your parents closet or hit up your local thrift store to score some retro duds.

DIY and Customization

TikTok loves unique, one-of-a-kind fashion. Some of the biggest DIY trends are customizing clothing with embroidery, patches, rhinestones or paint. You can also modify thrift store finds to make them uniquely you. Unleash your creativity and make a style that’s all your own.

Inclusion and Self-Expression

Above all else, TikTok fashion is about embracing who you are. All body types, gender expressions, and personal styles are represented. The biggest trend of all is learning to love yourself and express that through your style. Wear what makes you feel confident and lets your personality shine through.

With so many fun and vibrant trends taking over TikTok, 2023 is set to be an exciting year for fashion and self-expression. Now get out there and make your style roar!

How TikTok Is Shaping Fashion and Style in 2023

TikTok is influencing fashion and style like never before. In 2023, we’ll see several trends go mainstream thanks to the app.

The rise of “that girl” style

The effortless, model-off-duty look known as “that girl” style is taking over. Think slip dresses, tank tops, sweatpants and sneakers. Brands like Aritzia, Skims and Outdoor Voices that embody a chic yet comfy vibe are gaining major popularity.

Y2K nostalgia

Fashion from the early 2000s is making a comeback. Expect to see cargo pants, velour tracksuits, mini skirts, crop tops, and lace-trimmed camisoles. For accessories, think butterfly clips, chokers, tiny sunglasses and bedazzled belts. Many TikTok users are recreating looks from icons like Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan during this era.

DIY and upcycling

Sustainable fashion and DIY projects are huge on TikTok. Users are customizing, reworking and upcycling clothing from thrift stores and their own closets. Things like turning t-shirts into corset tops, dyeing sweatpants, and re-patching/re-stitching denim. This trend embraces creativity, individuality and eco-friendliness.

TikTok’s influence on style and culture continues to grow exponentially. By watching trends emerge on the platform, fashion brands and retailers can anticipate what young people will want to wear next season. And for us users, TikTok serves as an endless source of outfit inspo and ideas for curating a stylish wardrobe. The future of fashion is here — and it’s happening on TikTok.

Predicting the Most Popular Fashion Items Based on Viral TikTok Trends

Based on current viral fashion and beauty trends taking over TikTok, here are a few items predicted to reach peak popularity in 2023:

Bucket Hats

Bucket hats have been trending on TikTok for a while and show no signs of slowing down. Their casual, laid-back style is perfect for the Gen Z esthetic. Look for bucket hats in cotton, canvas or corduroy, in solid colors or funky prints.

Cargo Pants

Comfort is key for TikTok fashionistas and cargo pants deliver. With their baggy fit and ample pocket space, cargos are a stylish yet practical choice. Khaki and camouflage prints are popular but also look for cargos in black, olive green or navy. Dress them up with a crop top or keep it casual with a slouchy tee.

Hair Claws and Chopsticks

Hair claws, chopsticks and other decorative hair sticks give you an easy way to keep your hair up and out of your face while also accessorizing your look. Hair sticks featuring pearls, gemstones or metallic accents are popular as they add a touch of glamor. Look for hair sticks that complement your personal style, from minimalist to boho chic.

TikTok fashion is all about expressing your unique style. Keep an eye out for these predicted trends but don’t be afraid to forge your own path. The options for self-expression through fashion are endless!


So there you have it, the top fashion trends are set to take TikTok by storm in 2023. Whether you’re a fashionista looking to stay on the cutting edge or just want to spice up your style, these trends are accessible, fun, and perfect for sharing short-form video content. The best part is anyone can participate – you don’t need an expensive wardrobe or influencer status to rock these looks. Just grab your phone, do a quick outfit change, pick a trend that inspires you, and start creating. Who knows, you might just start the next big thing. So get recording and happy trendsetting! The future of fashion is here.