You want your baby girl to look like the little doll she is, but how do you style those wispy locks into something presentable? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. There are plenty of adorable hairstyles you can create at home to make your baby girl the most stylish little one on the block. From mini buns and braids to bows and barrettes, we’ve rounded up the cutest hairstyles for baby girls that she’s sure to love and you’ll have fun styling.

Cute and Simple Hairstyles for Baby Girls

Hairstyles for Baby Girls:

Cute ponytails are always a great choice for baby girls. Pulling her hair up and away from her face will keep her cool and comfortable. For an extra adorable look, you can accessorize a ponytail with a bow, headband, or hair clips.

Pigtails are another simple but charming style. Divide her hair into two sections, secure with hair ties or bands and you’re done. For added pizzazz, braid the pigtails or curl the ends. Pigtails are perfect for keeping hair out of a busy baby’s eyes and mouth.

Headbands Galore

Headbands are an effortless way to keep hair back while also looking fashionable. Elastic headbands with bows, flowers or gemstones will make any little girl feel like a princess without causing discomfort. Velvet, lace or patterned fabric headbands offer soft, breathable options.

For special occasions, a fancy updo like a top knot or twisted bun will make her the belle of the ball. Carefully gather and secure her hair at the top or back of her head and decorate as desired. Add pins, flowers or bows for some extra glamor.

With so many charming and comfortable styles to choose from, you’ll have fun creating different looks for your little sweetheart. Her adorable smile will make all your efforts worthwhile! Focus on styles allowing free movement that keep hair away from eyes, nose and mouth for baby’s comfort and your peace of mind.

Fancy Hairstyles for Special Occasions

For special occasions, you’ll want an extra cute hairstyle for your little princess. These fancier ‘dos are perfect for photos, parties, or just because!

Braids and Bows

Braids are always adorable and bows take them to the next level. Do two French braids on either side of her head and tie them off with colorful bows for an sweet style she’ll love.

Flower Crowns

A flower crown instantly transforms any hairstyle into something magical. Weave flowers together to make a crown and place it on her head over loose waves or a simple half-updo. Not only will she feel like a little fairy princess, but the photos will be absolutely enchanting.

Twists and Twirls

For a hairstyle with extra pizzazz, twist sections of hair and pin them back while leaving some strands loose and curly. Add beads, bows or flower pins to the twists for even more whimsy. This style works great for any occasion and keeps hair securely in place while still allowing for some movement.

Stylish ‘dos will make your little girl light up with joy at how pretty she feels. Her smile alone will make all the effort worthwhile!

Tips for Healthy Hair and Easy Styling

Hairstyles for Baby Girls

To keep your baby girl’s hair healthy and make styling easier, follow these tips:

Gentle care

Be very gentle when washing, brushing and styling her hair. Baby hair is delicate and more prone to breakage. Use a mild baby shampoo and conditioner made specifically for infants. When brushing, use a soft baby brush and start from the ends, slowly working your way up to the roots. This will minimize pulling and tugging.

Keep it simple

While adorable, complex hairstyles requiring lots of product, teasing and manipulation can irritate a baby’s scalp. Stick to simple styles that let her hair remain natural. A few cute clips, a headband or soft hair ties are perfect for keeping hair out of her eyes in a comfortable, fuss-free way. Save the more elaborate ‘dos for special occasions.

Hydrate and protect

Apply a daily moisturizer made for babies to hydrate hair and skin. Look for formulas with natural oils like coconut, jojoba or argan oil and avoid harsh chemicals. For added sun protection, you can also look for moisturizers and shampoos containing SPF. A floppy sun hat will shield hair and scalp from damaging UV rays when outside.

Learn some simple styles

Once your baby girl is a few months old and has enough hair to work with, you can start trying some simple styles. A single ponytail, pigtails, a top knot or headband braids are great beginner styles. Tutorials online or in baby care books can show you how to create these in just a few minutes. Start practicing and have fun with it! Your little one will love your attention.

With regular TLC and by keeping things gentle and low-key, your baby girl’s hair will stay soft, healthy and ready for her close-up. Focus on nurturing this special time with your little one and the rest will fall into place.


The best part is these styles are easy to do at home without needing a stylist. Your baby girl will surely love all the attention she gets from friends and family when sporting any of these stylish new looks. And you’ll love how adorable she looks in photos. So pick out a fun new hairstyle, grab your comb and clips and get ready to create some memories with your little sweetheart.